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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during a speech at the World Summit on Combating Climate Change

"Today, we, the leaders of the world's states, are talking about the future of planet Earth - our common home. We have never had and will never have another home. We are talking about the future of our children and grandchildren. About the future of all who will come to this world after us. We represent different cultures, different value systems, different civilizations. But we are united in the face of the global challenge that nature itself has thrown at us," Alexander Lukashenko stressed.
The President stated that the climate is changing and scientists are making the darkest predictions.

"The fact that we hear them and react is very progressive. But in order to effectively counter the threat, it is necessary to honestly and openly name its root causes," the head of state noted.
Alexander Lukashenko noted that Belarus fully fulfills its obligations under the Paris Agreement and even exceeds them.

"We provide invaluable ecosystem services to our continent by preserving a unique source of oxygen - the natural swamps, forests, and lungs of Europe. We are developing green and nuclear energy, minimizing the risks of climate change. 
Paradoxically, in response we receive new economic sanctions, barriers to international trade, and restrictions on access to technology. And not just us. It's time to admit: the green agenda is meaningless in a confrontational environment. It demands respect for the sovereignty of the countries and unconditional justice!" the Belarusian leader said.

At the Dubai summit, Lukashenko urges the international community not to express "concerns" about climate security, but to act! 
"Belarus calls on all those who are obliged to take on the burden of historical responsibility: first, to make a proportionate contribution to solving climate security issues over all centuries of thoughtless attitude to nature; secondly, to strengthen support for developing countries and countries with economies in transition; third, to stop expressing "concerns" and start acting in the name of preserving life on Earth," Alexander Lukashenko said.
The information is taken from the Telegram channel of the Ministry of Natural Resources

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