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Overview of hydrological situation of January, 10 2024

In the past period (January 6-9), cold weather contributed to the intensification of ice formation processes.
As of January 10, on the Berezina, the Sozh, the Pripyat, the greater part of the Western Dvina, Neman, Vilia and Dnieper, there is ice and ice with polynyas mostly 11-15 cm thick. On lakes and reservoirs the thickness of the ice cover ranges from 10 cm to 21 cm.
Fluctuations in water levels with an intensity of up to 47 cm per day are observed on rivers due to ice jams. On most rivers, water levels exceed the water outlet marks on the floodplain.
On the Sozh tributary of the Pronya River near the village Letyagi and a tributary of the Pripyat river Sluch near agrotown Lenin water levels exceed dangerously high levels, and on the tributary of the Pripyat, the Ptich River near the village of Persha Slobodka the water level is close to a dangerously high level.
According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations flooding of bridges and sections of highways is noted in some areas of the Gomel and Mogilev regions.
In the coming days the weather pattern will contribute to the appearance of water on the ice, and an increase in water levels will prevail in the river level regime.
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