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Climate characteristics of November 2023

The average air temperature in Belarus in November 2023 was +1.9°C, which is 0.3°C above the climatic norm.

Deviation of the average air temperature in November for the period 1991-2023 from the climatic norm (+1.6°C)

In most parts of the country there was a positive air temperature anomaly which was mainly in the range from 0.1 to 1.1°C. A slight negative anomaly was noted in the extreme northeast and west.
In the regional context the highest values of positive deviations of air temperature from the climatic norm were noted in the Mogilev and Gomel regions (on average +0.7°C in the region), in the Brest region the deviations were the lowest (+0.1°C). Only in the Grodno region there were insignificant negative values of air temperature deviations (-0.2°C).

Deviation (°C) of the average November air temperature from the climatic norm on the territory of Belarus

The first decade was very warm with a positive anomaly equal to 4.0°C. The average temperature of the second decade corresponded to the norm. The third decade was cold with a negative anomaly of 3.0°C.
The average air temperature and climatic norm for the decades of November 2023 in the territory of Belarus

The daytime temperature in the first half of the month was mainly +5 +13°C. In the second half of the month it became noticeably colder and the air temperature often dropped below zero. The maximum value (+16.7°C) air temperature reached on November 1 at the Gomel station.
The air temperature at night during the month was mainly in the range of -8 +8°C, while in the first half of the month positive values prevailed, in the second – negative. The minimum air temperature for the month was recorded at the Klichev station on November 28 and 29 and amounted to -14.7°C.
On November 12-16 (one and a half to two decades later than its usual dates), the end of the growing season was marked in most of the country (a steady transition of the average daily air temperature through +5° from downward). Only in the far north and northeast did this transition take place on time close to the usual (October 19-25). On November 17-20, the temperature went over 0°C in the downward direction.
During the month, an average of 85.6 mm of precipitation fell in the republic, which amounted to 187% of the climatic norm. November 2023 took the 3rd place in the ranked series of observations from the wettest to the driest, starting in 1945. Historical monthly precipitation maximums have been updated at 10 stations in the Vitebsk, Minsk, Mogilev and Gomel regions. Historical daily precipitation totals have been updated at the stations of Senno, Berezino, Gorki and Slavgorod.
Precipitation spread unevenly across the country. There was an increase in precipitation from west to east from 100-170% of the climatic norm to 240% or more, respectively.

 Deviation (%) of the monthly precipitation amount for November
from the climatic norm in the territory of Belarus

By region, the most precipitation was recorded in the Gomel region – on average 113.7 mm or 250% of the norm. The smallest is in the territory of the Brest region – 57.1 mm or 136% of the norm.
The amount of precipitation in November 2023 and the climatic norm by regions and on the territory of Belarus

Excessive moisture was observed throughout all the decades of November.
The amount of precipitation and the climatic norm for the decades of November 2023 on the territory of Belarus

Precipitation fell in the form of rains, in the second half of the month in the form of sleet and snow. From the second half of the third decade a snow cover was established with a height on the last day of the month from 1 cm in Pruzhany to 39 cm in Yezerishche, only at the Grodno station there was no snow cover.
Throughout the month fogs were observed throughout the country at night and in the morning, in places – icy phenomena, snowstorms. On November 24, a thunderstorm was observed at Grodno station. In some areas there was an increase in wind speed with gusts of up to 15 m/s or more. The maximum wind speed for the month was recorded at Gorki and Slavgorod stations on November 27 (21 m/s).

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