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Climate characteristic of November 2020

The average air temperature in Belarus in November 2020 was +3.8°C, which is 2.9°C higher than the climatic norm. So warm in November on the territory of the country for the post-war period happens about once every 9 years, and since 1981 - about once every 5-6 years.

Deviation of the average air temperature in Novemberfrom the climatic norm in the Republic of Belarus

The above zero air temperature anomaly spread everywhere. The highest values of positive deviations of air temperature from the climatic norm were noted in the Vitebsk region (+ 3.4 ° C), in the Gomel region the deviations were the smallest (+ 2.6°C).
All three decades of the month were warm. The first decade was higher than the norm by 4.1°С, the second by 1.9°С, the third by 3.0°С.

Average air temperature and climatic norm until the decades of November 2020 on the territory of the Republic of Belarus

Daytime temperatures during the first decade were mainly above + 5.0°С, and on the warmest day they exceeded the 10-degree mark. In the second decade, the daytime air temperature was mainly +1 + 9°С, on some days in some places it dropped to 0 -3°С, and on the warmest days in the southwest in some places it reached +10 +11°С. In the third decade, daytime temperatures were mainly +1 +4°С, in some places they dropped to slightly negative values, and on some warm days in some places they increased to +5 +8°С. The air temperature reached its maximum value (+14.7°С) in the afternoon on November 7 at the Gomel station.
The air temperature at night in the first decade of the month was mainly within the range of +1 +8°С, dropping to negative values ​​in the coldest nights. In the second decade, it ranged from +7 to -5°С. In the third decade of the month, air temperatures at night ranged from -4°C to +5°C. The minimum air temperature was recorded at Polesskaya station on November 11 and amounted to -5.0°С.

Rainfall for November 2020 and climate norm by regions and across the territory of the Republic of Belarus

In November, the country received an average of 35.9 mm of precipitation (78% of the climatic norm). Most precipitation fell on the territory of the Vitebsk region (49.4 mm or 101% of the climatic norm for a month). The least precipitation was noted in the Gomel region -24.7 mm or 54% of the climatic norm.
During the month, precipitation fell unevenly. In the first and second decades, there was a shortage of precipitation, in the third it fell slightly above the norm. In the first decade, 7.8 mm fell (51% of the ten-day norm), in the second - 11.6 mm (76% of the ten-day norm), in the third - 16.8 mm (111% of the ten-day norm). The maximum daily amount of precipitation was recorded at Yezerishche station on November 27 (14 mm).

Precipitation amount and climatic norm for decades of November 2020 across the territory of the Republic of Belarus

In the first decade of the month, precipitation fell mainly in the form of rain. In the second and third decades of the month, along with rain, snow and sleet fell out; in some areas, snow cover was established for a short time. On the last day of the month, its height in most of the territory was from 0.5 to 16 cm (Ezerishche).
On some days of the month, fogs and light ice slicker were observed in places, the wind increased up to 15-18 m/s, its maximum value (18 m/s) was recorded at Oshmyany station on November 20.

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