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Overview of agrometeorological situation of January 5, 2024

The agrometeorological conditions for wintering crops have become more complicated. After the December thaw it got colder in January and the winter weather pattern was established. The frosts observed in recent nights can cause damage to winter rapeseed in the northeastern part of the republic where with insufficient snow cover the air temperature dropped to -15 -20°C. Under the influence of low temperatures the soil began to freeze. According to the latest observations the height of the snow cover is 5-15 cm, in places in Gomel and in the north-west of the Vitebsk region it increased to 20 cm, in the extreme north-eastern regions of the republic the snow height is less than 5 cm. In most of the territory of Belarus the snow cover should protect winter crops from the expected increase in frosts. However, due to its uneven occurrence in places, primarily in the northern part of the country where the lowest temperatures are expected, there may be a risk of damage to the least frost-resistant wintering crops.
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