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Overview of hydrological situation of June 25, 2019

As at June 15, decrease of water levels with the intensity 1-8 cm per day, small (1-4 cm per day) increase of water levels is observed only on certain areas of the Dnieper, the Berezina and the Sozh, theirs certain affluents and on the affluents of the Zapadnyi Bug. Water is still on the flood land on the Pripyat near Chernichi village and on the Styr near Lopatino village.
Unfavorable conditions for river transport are observed on the Zapadnaya Dvina near Vitebsk, the Neman near Grodno, the Dnieper near Mogilev, Zhlobin, Rechitsa and Loyev, the Berezina near Bobruysk and Svetlogorsk and on the Sozh near krichev, Gomel and Slavgorod.
Water temperature ranges from 15°С to 25°С in the rivers and water bodies.
In the coming days, there won’t be any significant changes in the level and thermal regime of rivers.

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