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Climate characteristic of February 2020

February of 2020 was very warm with average air temperature of +1,6°С that is 5,9°С above climate normal. Such warm February was observed for the second time from the post-war period. The warmest was February  in 1990 with an average temperature of + 2.6 ° C.    

 Deviations of average air temperature from climate normal in February in the Republic of Belarus     
Positive air temperature anomaly has spread everywhere. The greatest deviations of air temperature from the climate normal are noted in the Vitebsk region (6.6 °C), the smallest deviations are noted in Brest (5.4 °C).      
Average daily temperature during the month was mainly positive and ranged from 0 - 7 ° C, and dropped up to -1 -7 ° C during cold snap periods. The absolute maximum air temperature was recorded in Grodno on February 17 and was + 12.7 °С. The absolute minimum air temperature was recorded in Jezerische on February 8 and was -11.1 ° C.  
All three decades of February in Belarus were very warm: the first decade was 4.8 ° С above climate normal, the second decade was 7.3 ° С above climate normal, the third decade  was  5.7 °С above climate normal.            

Average air temperature and climate normal for decades in the Republic of Belarus  
Average amount of precipitation in Belarus was 39,6 mm or 113% of climate normal. Excess of precipitation was observed all over the country. The largest amount of precipitation fell out in Vitebsk region (47.0 mm or 118% of climate normal), the smallest amount fell out in Gomel region (35.1 mm or 103% of climate normal).         
Amount of precipitations February  and climate normal across the regions and Republic of Belarus 
Excessive moisturing  was observed  in the first and third decades (129 and 117%, respectively). 91% of climate normal fell out in the second decade.  

 Amount of precipitations in February and climate normal for decades  
Precipitation fell out in forms of rain, sleet and snow. Over the month snow cover (0.5 - 11 cm) was set in places for a short time. Snow cover at individual observation points was in range from 0.5 to 4 cm (weather station Ezerische), on the territory of Brest and Gomel regions it was completely absent on the last day of the month.    
Fog and sleet were observed in places on separate days of the month. On February 18 thunderstorm was registered in Minsk and Novogrudok. Thunderstorm in February is a rare phenomenon. It is observed approximately once every 15-20 years. 
1-7 days with a wind speed of 15 m/s and more were observed during the month. The maximum wind speed of 25 m / s has reached a hazard criterion and was recorded in Oshmyany on February 23. Thunderstorm was observed in Minsk and Novogrudok on February 18.  

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