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May 15 - International Climate Day

The problem of climate change is one of the urgent and global problems facing man. An increased content of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, nitric oxide) has a negative impact on food security, human life and the state of natural resources, leading to a change in climatic conditions and, as a result, an increase in the frequency of dangerous climatic events. Particular attention should be paid to the problem of the ozone layer thinning, which serves as the main protection against dangerous ultraviolet radiation.
Over the past more than a hundred years, there have been intense changes in climatic conditions around the globe, and new climate records are increasingly being set.
International Climate Day is celebrated every year to raise awareness of climate change.
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Preservation of the Earth's climate depends on each person. What can everyone do? – Plant a tree, reuse things, use energy-efficient lighting sources, protect green spaces, do not litter.
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