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June 15 - World Wind Day

Wind is one of the alternative and inexhaustible sources of energy.

Today, wind power plants (WPPs) operate successfully in almost 80 countries around the world, thousands of people are involved in the production of wind energy. The world leaders in terms of the capacity of operated wind turbines are China, the USA, Germany and Spain.

In Belarus, wind energy has also been developed: 112 wind power plants with a total capacity of 127.4 MW operate on the territory of the country, the largest of which (Mstislavsky district) reaches a capacity of 3.4 MW. Over the past 5 years, the generation of electricity by windmills has increased 20 times. A new wind farm with a capacity of 25 MW will appear in the Liozno district of the Vitebsk region by the end of 2022.

Within the framework of the PRON/GEF international technical assistance project “Removing Barriers to the Development of Wind Energy in the Republic of Belarus”, an Atlas of Wind Potential was developed.

The initiators of the creation of the holiday were the European Wind Energy Association and the World Wind Energy Council. The development of the electric power industry will help solve a number of global environmental and economic problems, including the problem of limited fossil fuel resources.

Here are some indicators:

- in 2019, 48% of all electricity was produced in Denmark with the help of wind turbines, in Ireland - 33%, in the EU as a whole - 15%.

- The International Renewable Energy Agency predicts that more than a third of the world's electricity needs will be covered by wind power by 2050.

- the largest wind turbine under development at the beginning of 2021 is the Danish model for offshore wind energy Vestas V236-15.0 with a record capacity of 15 MW, the production of the first prototype is planned as early as 2022.

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