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Information on the hydrometeorological situation in river basins of Belarus formed in November 2020

In November 2020, the average air temperature in Belarus was +3.8°C, which is 2.9°C higher than the climatic norm. The above zero air temperature anomaly spread everywhere, all three decades of the month were warm.
In November, the country received an average of 35.9 mm of precipitation (78% of the climatic norm). During the month, precipitation fell unevenly. In the first and second decades, there was a shortage of precipitation, in the third it fell slightly above the norm.
In the first decade of November, precipitation fell mainly in the form of rain. In the second and third decades of the month, snowfall and sleet were recorded; in some areas, snow cover was established for a short time. On the last day of the month, its height in most of the territory was from 0.5 to 16 cm.
In the first two decades of November, fluctuations in water levels were observed on the rivers; in the third decade of the month, an increase in water levels was observed on most rivers of the country, due to precipitation. By the end of the month on the Neman near Grodno, Dnieper near Mogilev, Zhlobin and Loev, Berezina near Bobruisk and Sozhe near Gomel, the water levels were below the marks limiting navigation.
The water content of the Neman and Pripyat was 40-50% less than the norm, and the water content of the Western Dvina, Viliya, Western Bug, Dnieper, Berezina and Sozh was close to the usual for this time of year and somewhat less than it.
The average water temperature in the rivers in November was 4.1-8.3°C, which is 2-4°C higher than usual for this time of year.

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