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Conference meeting about future hydrological priorities, agreements and extraordinary session of Hydrology commission

WMO headquarters in Geneva hosted Technical conference (TECO-Hydro) (February 11-13) and extraordinary session of Hydrological commission (February 13-14). Belhydromet took part in both events. Delegation was represented by Deputy Head Svetlana Kuzmich and Head of hydrology and agrometeorology service Liudmila Zhuravovich. 
Belhydromet representatives took part in discussions of WMO constitutional bodies reform, as well as the main issues of water resources and WMO role in resolving it, recommendations of developing regarding ways of integration of hydrological activity into a new WMO entity. 
Moreover, world experience and pioneer methods in hydrology were studied. Also were formed new proposals for implementation received experience into Belhydromet activity. 

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