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Overview of agrometeorological situation of September 16, 2022

As a result of the predominance of cold weather in spring, mass sowing of corn became possible in the last five days of April. The lack of heat restrained the emergence of seedlings and the beginning of leaf formation. In the middle of summer, the temperature was often also below the optimum for growing corn. The development of culture was lagging behind last year's deadlines. At the same time, the formation of green mass on the main massifs took place with good moisture supply. Lack of moisture in the first half of summer was observed only in some areas of the southern region. In August, the development of corn accelerated. However, the hot weather and lack of precipitation led to a drought. On the most desiccated soils, the condition of the green mass of corn worsened, yellowing and drying of leaves were observed, in some areas – drying of plants.  
According to observations on untidy fields in the southern half of the republic, corn has reached full grain ripeness, in the northern half – mostly wax ripeness. In the southern part of the country, its harvesting for grain has begun. In the second half of September, due to unstable weather, conditions for ripening and drying of corn grains, as well as harvesting operations, will not develop in the best way.
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