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Review of the agrometeorological situation of August 09, 2019

 Weather conditions contributes to the formation of maize harvest. Accumulated sum of effective temperatures above +10°С from the beginning of May to August 8 was more than average multiyear values. However, more effective warm has accumulated than last year.
Because of early sowings, maize development is similar to the one of last year, it outpaces only on certain observation sites. According to recent observation data, grain filling is observed mainly in southern half of Belarus – milky ripeness came. Flowering of heads and ears continue on the remain observation sites. Water availability of maize is sufficient on the main lands that is favorable to ear formation. Visual assessment of the sowing state is good, it is moderate only in certain areas of the Republic.
In the coming days agrometeorological conditions will contribute to filling and ripening of maize grain. However, conditions will worsen a little because of expected increase of temperature in the south-west regions of the country.

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